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Symbol          : STARX

Initial Value     : $ 0.50

Type              : ERC 20

Smartcontract  : 0xfc11f71f24883b1f6cfa3de924011248d080090b

Total Supply     : 500 Million STARX TOKENS


Starworks Global Pte Ltd is incorporated in Singapore with Registration No: 201910630Z, and is led by CEO, Mr. Graham J. Bristow. Starworks Global Pte Ltd is a holding company for the businesses of Starworks Hospitality and Starworks Technologies.

Starworks Hospitality has operated in Bali, the Island of the Gods, for more than twenty years.  Starworks Hospitality conducts business through two separate entities; PT. Island Concepts Indonesia Tbk. a listed public company with the ticker symbol “ICON”  which trades on the Indonesian stock exchange (IDX); and PT Karya Bintang Bali (meaning of Starworks), incorporated in Bali and operating businesses in the Lifestyle, Food & Beverage sector under the brands Red Ruby and Taman Merah.

Starworks Technologies has developed and will continually enhance the Starworks Ecosystem which is based on the business model of Starworks Hospitality; bringing to its businesses, guests, potential guests and suppliers together in a single platform.

The use of Blockchain technology has increased the level of data and information security, business profitability potential and is expandable. The Hospitality and Tourism Industry is expanding at a rapid rate and the Starworks Ecosystem its tools and systems, offer the Industry an easy path forward into the digital world.

Starworks Global Pte Ltd is managed by a team of experts with many decades of experience. The Starworks Ecosystem will create a new blockchain-based and digital economic order that can assist further in the expansion of the Hospitality Industry Globally.

Maybe the greatest value you’ll ever get.


Starworks Global Pte Ltd and its operating businesses are now, and into the future, supported by the Starworks Ecosystem; a system developed from twenty plus years  operating in the Hospitality Industry in Bali.


The Starworks Ecosystem is built on a proven operating model of a conventional business operating in a competitive industry for many years.


Starworks Technologies relocated from Los Angeles having completed and commercialized its GMEX product. Starworks Technologies today has refocused its area of expertise to the development of the Starworks Ecosystem, Blockchain technologies and applications, including the integration of AI and Big Data devices.


Starworks Global Pte Ltd is incorporated in Singapore and since 2004 has operated through fully audited, fully transparent legal structures; including PT Island Concepts Indonesia Tbk. a public listed corporation governed by the rules and regulations of the Indonesian Stock Exchange. 


STARX are value added Tokens/Coins

STARX coins are value added tokens not only exchangeable for a range of goods and services through the Starworks Ecosystem platform, but also an investment to the holder. STARX coins or tokens can be exchanged or traded for Digital Shares. You can convert your STARX into Starworks Digital shares as an investment participating in the businesses of the Starworks Group of Companies.

Revenue/Profit Sharing

Buying STARX tokens and exchanging them for Digital Shares on the Starworks Ecosystem Platform, you are entitled to share in the direct revenues and profit from participation in the ownership of the businesses that comprise the Starworks Group of Companies.

Community Builder

The Starworks Ecosystem is a global and borderless platform where businesses can develop, operate and grow beyond the capabilities and boundaries of a traditional business model. Starworks is a service provider to and accelerator of the Hospitality Industry.

Blockchain based Ecosystem

All modules and products comprising the Starworks Ecosystem are built using the latest current Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies.

Will be listed on Major Exchanges

STARX, the Starworks Token will trade on market exchanges in as many countries and regions as possible. Your STARX coins can be managed in the Starworks Ecosystem E-Wallet product with access to funds in many countries.

Managed by professional experienced team

Starworks Global Pte Ltd and its businesses are managed by a team of experienced persons and some regarded as experts in their field. We are continually seeking to improve and expand our team; we reward for internal company and project achievement.

STARWORKS is actively encouraging the growth and development of the Blockchain world and is building a specific Community focused on Hospitality; Tourism, Travel, Entertainment, Food & Beverage and Lifestyle.  STARWORKS is looking to the future where technology and the implementation of Blockchain in daily life becomes the tools and systems for future business. The Starworks “ECOSYSTEM” is more than a vision. It is a strategy and acceleration of a realization that technology will drive business forward in the future.

STARWORKS  has developed and will soon release products that comprise the various elements of the Starworks ECOSYSTEM. Ongoing development and enhancement of features is a continuing commitment by Starworks.


and “Aim for the Stars and Beyond”. Join us in the Blockchain revolution. Subscribe to our STARX token and join  the Starworks Ecosystem family. You can be an owner and investor in the Starworks Group through the exchange of your STARX tokens for Digital Shares providing ownership in our business and financial ownership of yourself. Join the Starworks Global Group and receive quarterly dividends and expand your wealth through our growth.


Many companies enter into an Initial Coin Offering “ICO” based on products related to and/or supporting Bitcoin scenarios and hypothetical Ecosystems promising increasing value of their tokens and coins by process and not substance.

A high number of Blockchain-based businesses fail because they are not supported by the main pillars of the Ecosystem, namely the Investors themselves, Users, Traders and Partners such as payment services and other services not fully developed and functioning as designed.

Starworks Mission

Starworks mission is to establish internationally recognized products, growing them through the application of proprietary systems and Blockchain technologies. Starworks seeks to expand the business globally creating a network of territory based business partnerships.


Bali is the birthplace of Starworks. It is where Rejuvenation of the body and Inspiration for the mind allows one to take this Revolutionary technology, known simply as Blockchain, and apply it to a specific business sector. It is where our Technology team of visionaries have created the Starworks Ecosystem to bring these digital distributed processes to the interrelated components of the Hospitality sector.

Starworks, operating in the Hospitality sector in Bali, is preparing to expand Globally. Starworks comprises two separate but strategically aligned operating business units; Starworks Hospitality and Starworks Technologies.

Invest in Blockchain technologies; Invest in the future; Invest in STARX.



Graham J Bristow

Chief Executive Officer

Hani Mohd

corporate secretary

I Made Putrayasa

chief operations officer

Winner Harry

chief technology officer

Ceria Mawardi

chief marketing officer

Ama Hanifah

chief financial officer

Marzuki Usman


Rosman Musa


Elliot J Shaw

creative and communications director

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What exactly is a Whitepaper?

A white paper is a document that uses facts and logic to promote a certain product, service, or viewpoint. The content of a white paper provides useful information for business people seeking to understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. The format of a white paper is somewhere between a Glossy brochure, Technical Paper and a Prospectus..

What is a Blockchain?

It is a digital database containing records of financial transactions that can be simultaneously used and shared within a large decentralized, publicly accessible network. It is the revolutionary technology at the heart of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently with security and in a verifiable and permanent way.

What are Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts are contracts created by lines of code within the decentralized ledger of a blockchain. They are described as self-executing contracts, blockchain contracts, or digital contracts. In this format, contracts are converted to computer code, stored and replicated on the system and supervised by the network of computers that run the blockchain. They are easy to understand as a self-executable program, which follows the IFTT (If This Then That) logic. Such contracts can eliminate the need for intermediaries.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a public decentralized protocol, built on blockchain technology, which allows the development of decentralized applications (DAPPS) and supports the deployment and execution of smart contracts.

What is a Starworks Ecosystem?

A blockchain ecosystem consists of the various parts or products that constitute the whole, how they interact with each other and how they interact with the outside individual, financial and commercial world. The Starworks ecosystem addresses each element that can be represented digitally in a business from procurement, buy, sell, exchange, logistics, labour hire and financial management as it is applicable to the hospitality sector.



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Disclaimer : Investing in Digital Assets and/or Cryptocurrencies are high risk activities. The price of digital assets and cryptocurrencies are very volatile, where prices can change significantly over a short time. Please use extra consideration in making a decision to buy or sell these. Starworks does not force users to buy or sell digital assets or deal in tokens or coins as investments, or profit seeking. All decisions on trading tokens, coins or digital shares are independent decisions by users. 

Starworks Global Pte Ltd. Registration No.201910630Z Incorporated in Singapore